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will a

printing over instant web publishing

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Hi pretty new to this sort of thing,

what ive got is my database setup through instant web publishing and shared so that i can access it through the web.

I have a print button setup, on the local machine i run the database off i can click the print button and it will come up and give me a print option.

On the client viewing the database through the web it does not come up.

Question is can you not print what you usually could through the web on your client machine as you can if using the database on the local machine?

and if you can print what am i doing wrong not to receive a print option on the client machine?



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IWP does not support printing as you understand it, that is the native ability within FMP to print the records on view or preview.

If you want to print the contents of a web browser then you must use the print feature of the web browser.

Read the IWP guide as installed with your FM installation for more notes about IWP limitations.

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I am new at this, so please be patient. We also need to print reports from our file maker database that is hosted on the web. I understand this is not supported in FileMaker. So what are people doing to print multi-page reports from the web? Help please.

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