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cwp with SC and php

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I've just been playing around with SuperContainer for the first time... looks great...

I'm trying to get my head around the SuperContainer PHP class for use with CWP.

Am I correct in thinking that if I include() the PHP/supercontainer.php file in my PHP script, then I do not need to have installed the companion plug-in? The plug-in is a separate beast from any use of the PHP api, right?

There is an explanation in one part of the *plug-in documentation* about how to install the plug-in for use with CWP. But in the PHP documentation, there is no mention of the plug-in.

Thanks for any comments or insights regarding SC and PHP.

Greg Smith

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Right, the supercontainer.php is the equivalent of a PHP CWP plugin for SuperContainer. It lets your PHP code talk to the SuperContainer server in much the same way the FileMaker plugin allows FileMaker client / server apps to talk with the SuperContainer server.

This can be handy for verifying that the correct file type was uploaded via the applet when a link is clicked in your CWP application, or if you want to manage all the uploading code yourself without showing an applet.

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