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Kent Searight

List ( ) function question

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Hi all,

I'm seeing what I consider unexpected behavior from the List ( ) function in a script step (Set Field) and I was wondering if I'm missing something. Here's the scenario:

I'm trying to create a list of values concatenated from 2 different fields from 2 different related TOs. The formula is List (TableA::field1 ; TableB::field2 ). I've verified that the layout I'm on at the time of the script step is based on a valid TO with correct relationships to the related TOs.

On Mac, and some Windows machines it resolves exactly as I want:







But on my client's Windows machines it will not resolve correctly whenever more than one related field is included in the calculation. I can swap out all the files on my client's machine (ruling out file corruption) and it still won't resolve as I would expect, as shown above.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Can you not reference fields from different TOs at the same time in the List ( ) function? I'm stumped and I'm trying to avoid a workaround until I know for sure that I understand whether I'm using the function correctly.

Thanks in advance!


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I am VERY MUCH surprised to hear it works the way you expect on some machines - because it shouldn't.

List ( TableA::field1 ; TableB::field2 )

should return no more than two values - the value of field1 from the first related record in TableA, and the value of field2 from the first related record in TableB.

If you're seeing anything else, it's a bug that should be reported.

To get a concatenated list of all related values from both tables, you should be using:

List ( List ( TableA::field1 ) ; List ( TableB::field2 ) )

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