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Portal Buttons

Peter Fenner

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Hi Alison

You don't need to write a script. You can use SPECIFY BUTTON to simply GO TO RELATED RECORD (same relationship as your portal)

A button placed in the row should pose no problem - a nice way of keeping your portal clean is to make the Executive Name field the button - therefore clicking the name field will take you directly to that record.

You only need to place the button in the top row (in Layout Mode) and it will repeat for every portal row in Browse Mode.

Cheers! - Pete

[ February 28, 2002, 01:06 PM: Message edited by: Peter Fenner ]

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I have a database where the records are individual executives. I?ve created a self-join so that I can see other executives from the same company in a portal. I want to have a script so that if I click on, say, the third portal row, the script will find the record for that person. I?ve done this:

Set Field [gNumberField,Status(CurrentPortalRow)]

Go to Field [sameCompany::ExecName]

Go to Portal Row [select, gNumberField]

Copy [select, SameCompany::ExecName]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Paste [select, Exec Name]

Perform Find [ ]

It works great,the problem is with the button. If I create one huge button that covers the whole portal, it works just fine, but the flashing as you hit the large button doesn?t look great. I tried Freeze Window all over the place and there's no difference. So I created invisible buttons (each linked to the above script) which sit on top of each portal row. With this method, for some reason the script cannot ?see? which portal row the cursor is in. Why is this please?

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This topic is 7378 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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