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Inserting from records in another file


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We are using FM to run our real estate office including preparation of contracts of sale.

A contract can have several "condition clauses"

The contract clauses are in another file with a clause number.

In the contract there is place for several clauses which the user enters a number for each and the assocaiated clause is shown on the contract.

Problem is the user needs to know what clause number to use.

What I want to be able to do is allow users to scroll through the clauses until they find the one thay want and then "select it" to be entered into the contract.

I have played with displaying the clauses in a portal and that works but don't know how to have the clause then inserted into the contact.

Help appreciated

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I would print the contract out of the "clause" file and use a field in the main file to keep track of the clauses used.

It would work like this:

1) Display the Clauses in a portal in the main file.

2) When you click on a clause it is "Marked" by having the clause number "added" to a field in the main file. The field for clause numbers would be a multi-key consisting of clause numbers separated by carriage returns. The "mark"/"unmark" script would concatenate or remove the clause number from the field.

3) A second relationship with the Clause file (not the relationship used to display all the clauses in the portal) would related the multi-key field to the clause number. The clauses can be selected for printing in the contract by a "go to related record (show only related records) script step. The "non-clause parts of the contract would go in the header and footer of the layout with the clauses as a list in the body.

4) The clauses in the portal can be highlighted by using a calculated container field in the Clause file placed behind the portal row. The calculation would check the "Pattern Count" of the clause number against the multi-key field contents in the main file (to see if the clause is selected) and change the color contents of the container.

Hope this isn't too complicated, it's actually easier to do than describe.


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This topic is 7345 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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