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FileMaker Go Mobile Optimizations

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by Matt Petrowsky



While recently crafting a new layout theme, which is a darn close replica of the iPad UI for FileMaker Go, I discovered a number of issues one should pay attention to for mobile development in FileMaker. The iPad and iPhone 4 are pretty snappy devices - although I'm still using the 3G iPhone (can you say "getting slower each day") for my phone. However, FileMaker Go suffers from a bit of a "lag" in the UI department. It's great that you can access your data, but doing this over a slow 3G connection is likely painful (I've personally only got the wi-fi iPad, so I've not tried).

The hype about the mobile market and FileMaker Go is warranted. I mean, it's really cool that all you have to do is buy a copy of FileMaker Go for the iPhone or iPad and you can be up and running with your database - uh, almost...

These mobile devices use a totally different method of interaction, and vary between the iPhone and iPad. Personally, my position on developing for any unique platform is that you break that platform out into its own file and simply access the data in a separate data file. The nuances of designing/developing for mobile versus the desktop client warrant some serious evaluations as to the validity of doing it all within one file.

So, without delay, I offer you 10 of my best lessons learned while developing this layout theme for the iPad. I think you'll find that some of them may be very eye-opening when it comes to how you deploy on a mobile device - Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Details: Released - 12/31/2010 / Size - 49.41 MB / Length - 32 min

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This topic is 4420 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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