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Printing to Xerox Workcentre 7232, 10.6.6, FMP11


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I have two printing problems in FMP 11 running 10.6.6 to a Xerox Workcentre 7232 Printer.

1. When I select the print command and the print window pops up, I cannot change the options. i.e. Change grayscale to color...it simply does not change. The other thing, is certain options will cause FMP to crash altogether. i.e. Change the paper type.

2. From the scripts menu, I cannot change print setup settings...they do not take. i.e. Change grayscale to color or paper type.

This is very frustrating...I do not know if it's a Xerox issue, OS X, or FMP 11. I did not have this issue in FMP 9.

Please advise.


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It appears to be both a Xerox AND a FMP issue. Other drivers work fine with FMP11 and the Xerox drivers work fine with other applications (including older FMP versions).

I had the same problem with a WorkCenter 7335. Xerox just released an update (Feb 2011) that resolved this issue for my printer. The drivers for the 7232 still appear to be a little older (check to make sure you have the latest).

Prior to the update from Xerox, there were some workarounds that helped get work done. They are all documented here:

FileMaker 11 not compatible with new Xerox WorkCentre 7425


Lyle Millander

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This topic is 4372 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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