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Scanning for Files


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Hello Forum,

I have an FM 9 Server with 8,5 Clients. (No "you should upgrade" messages please thank you)

I want to check in a directory in Windows if a file (whos name I know exactly) exists.

Can I do that? Do I absolutely need a file plugin for this?

In the end I want the server to execute this script.

If it can be done without a plugin please how, if it can only be done with a plugin, how do I do that server-side?

Thanks in advance

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Hey forum,

there were no takers for this question and I did some In depth research. There actually IS a way to do this!

You use the Import Script step to find out if a file exists. If the import script step leaves no error, it exists, if it causes an error, it does not exist.

Heres 3 Images of what it should look like exactly.

Note also the way the import is done into the temporary table which has only 6 number fields, is to ensure that table does not get filled with loads of rubbish just because an import happenned to work.

Works like a charm for me.

No guarantees are taken for this code, use at your own risk. :)

Best Wishes,





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Getting this to run on the server will be the challenge. The server side scripts can only see into very specific folders on the server: the Documents folder inside the Data folder, and the temporary folder. There may be another folder but I cannot recall it just now.

You may need a robot machine running FMP to make this happen.

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This topic is 4389 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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