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Navigate to Record in Existing Window

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How can I navigate to desired "Client" record in a pre-existing pop-out window already displaying a different Client?

I have a script (ClientDetail) that opens a new window to view detailed Client information. I'm allowing User to keep this new window open, leave in background and continue using solution how ever desired.

Sense this is allowed, I have worked into the script to check if a pre-existing window is open and if there is, then select it vrs. open another window.

So I got it to select pre-existing window ok, I just don't know how to navigate to the Client record User want to view.

Typically I use [go to related record] but in this case the relation is lost. I tried at beiging of script to [set variable; $ClientID] and then [preform find] also tried [Go to Record via calculation] but had no success.

I don't think these methods are cooperation with my variable, or I'm just not setting it correctly.

Maybe [Perform Find] or [Go to Record via Calc.] is not the best method?

Any direction on how to solve this issue?

Thank you for your interests and help on this topic! :)


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Try this: navigate to the open window, remember the window size and position (top, left, height, width) then close the window and open a new one with the correct record in exactly the same place.

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This topic is 4388 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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