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Column Actions make things easier

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by Matt Petrowsky



Many users, and probably some developers, of FileMaker may not even know, or forget to use, the hidden power tools which FileMaker provides by default. These hidden gems appear right under your mouse cursor when you right click on any field (better known as a column).

When you know they're there, they make a lot of data maintenance and management much easier. The trick with teaching users they exist, isn't as much of a trick as it is just making them obvious.

In this video, I walk through a technique called Column Actions. Essentially, you use either a dedicated value list, or one dynamically generated, which presents a number of actions possible for each of the columns within a list view. The number, and type, of options you use is limited only by your imagination. In this video, I present some of the more obvious ones.

If you're seeking to make actions easier within your database, then it's very likely this video will have the information you need!

Details: Released - 2/2/2011 / Size - 42.52 MB / Length - 25 min

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This topic is 4386 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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