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Moving Fields to Another Database


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I'm running three businesses off three databases that were all originally the same database, just with different data. Over time I've made adjustments to them which has resulted in databases that are similar in how they function, but are no longer identical.

I recently did a major update on one database which required new scripts and new fields. I want to implement that update on the two other databases.

Is there a way to copy the new fields from a table on the updated database to the two other databases? The table names are the same.

I want to avoid the process of manually adding the fields in the other databases.

Thank you.

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If all three databases are required to be the same as the one that has had the updates done, then perhaps the easiest way to do this would be to save a clone of the latest version. this makes a copy with no records in it. Then, import the data from your other solutions into clones of the main one. End result is 3 identical copies of the same solution.

Granted the above method may have issues, such as needing to setup the user accounts in the new files, any custom value lists that differ would need to be fixed, and new fields might need to be given initial values.

If you wanted to copy scripts and fields over there is an order to do this so that things don't break:

1. Copy fields across

2. Any table occurrences & relationships that are new should be added with the exact same names as your main file

3. Any value lists should be added, along with any custom functions.

4. Fix up any fields you've added that may have been calculations, or auto-enter calculations so their calculations now resolve correctly.

5. Create blank layouts with the exact same name as the new layouts in your latest version, base them on the same table occurrences as in new system

6. Paste in your scripts, if everything was named correctly they should resolve correctly

7. Go back to your blank layouts now, and paste in all the contents from your latest system layouts. If done correctly, things such as buttons which link to scripts should properly resolve to the ones you pasted in, if all the naming is the same.

If I have missed any steps out could someone please let me know, cheers :)

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This topic is 4377 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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