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Problem downloading zip files with web viewer link


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I'm a subscriber to FilemakerMagazine.com and am using a web viewer to browse articles and pull titles and summaries to build an index of those I want to save. This all works well. There are usually links to download both a technique file and a movie file, and I can activate the links through the web viewer. When so doing, however, the movie files download and open OK, but not so the technique zip files. They download, but I get this error when trying to open them: "Cannot open file: It does not appear to be a valid archive." Downloading the same file from my Firefox browser gives a slightly larger file size, and the zip file opens properly. I have the web viewer set to interact with content and to display status messages and am using FMP11A (Windows XP) with all updates installed.

I have the same problem when trying to download the same zip files in Internet Explorer 8, so the issue may be related to my IE settings. I've also found a couple of links that point to server-side issues that affect downloads with IE and not Firefox:



I have sent a support request to FilemakerMagazine.com but am wondering if anyone knows what I might try on my end.



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This topic is 4374 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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