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MMQuery convenience/helper functions

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Hello all,

I'm interested to know if anyone who's used MMQuery uses the convenience/helper functions we've added to the plug-in or if you just use the ExecuteSQL(Ex) functions. For instance, I personally use the AddRecord function a lot. Also, are there other convenience functions that you would find useful if added?



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Hello Jake,

I think the helper functions are great for people new to SQL and they're also convenient even for those with more SQL experience. I recently presented on internal SQL at PauseOnError and promoted your plug-in as my SQL plug-in of choice. Our SmartPill plug-in has SQL but we don't yet support the new API which is very nice.

In regards to other functions that would be useful, it would be nice to have an easy way to apply a query to the current found set (as FileMaker developers, were so used to context, it gets a bit tricky when we have to think in SQL queries). Kevin Frank has a method for doing this and I'm guessing it uses something like the List function combined with an IN clause. Just an idea, but perhaps you could develop functions that apply updates or deletes to all records in the current found set.



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This topic is 4359 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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