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Conditional formatting complete row of records

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new to filemaker 11 and stuck with this:

i have a LIST_orders layout

here in are the fields orderid, productnr, productname, orderstatus, price

what i want is that when i take a look at the layout List_orders

that the complete records have a conditional format based on the value of the field Orderstatus

for example when the status is backorder the whole row colors yellow, when it has the status send the whole row colors green

i have been searching to solve it with a formule in the conditional formatting if(orderstatus = "backorder" ;0;1), but all the rows even with status send are colored yellow

when i added another formule = "send";0;1 then all recods become green even the backorders

What am i doing wrong ?

Can someone help me out pls

What am i doing wrong

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ok problem solved

i use now

PatternCount(Orders::orderstatus; "Backorder") > 0

filemaker itself gave me this solution, i really love this program

when i took value in the conditional format menu and choos contains "Backorder", only the fields with backorder in it where highlighted, not the complete row

Then i swithed to formula, and filemaker gave me this solution, i've tried it out and now the rows where the field orderstatus = backorder are highlighted in yellow

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Yes it can,

it are products that i order from our supplier for ourselves or for custumors, i work at the warehouse of a car dealer

so they can have the values, ordered, backorder, received, completed (which means used or sold)

and it's also for use in other lay-outs

but it works fine now, even in table view my rows have the desired color ;-)

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This topic is 4356 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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