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Obtaining descreet quanitites for distribution graph


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Hi. I want to find records from my DB which fulfill certain criteria then paste the quantities (number of records I have) of different segments which I can then import into a graphing program to graph their distribution.

For example: I find 1000 records. These are all one product but over the years, say 50 of them have cost $10, 70 cost $12, 90 cost $16, 120 cost $21 etc etc until we have 1,000. I want to obtain the numbers e.g. 50, 70, 90 by segment e.g. $0-10,$10-15,$15-20 etc etc. What is the best way of doing this?

At the moment, I can sort of do this manually. e.g. I can find the product I'm interested in, determine the range e.g. >0<10 and I have a summary field which calculates the number of records - I don't really need this in a manual set up because I can just read off the no. of records. I have also set up fields to hold the data as it is found so that I have distn_1 which holds all records which =0,distn10 which holds all records below $10 etc etc. However, I can't get a script to do this for me.

Any ideas much appreciated. Thx. Hope it's clear.

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This topic is 4345 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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