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merging fields


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Hi relevantly new to filemaker, be kind !

I got 8 different databases trying to link them into one from really old versions of FILEMAKER

there one relationship field i cannot seem to get it right could someone please help i ve attached a sample

what i have is a dongle and delivery note product code tables , we import into the dongles table via excel which is no problem

Product code where code is given and in rip options are select fields from the dongle table

IN delivery note table by selecting Product code selects the products , by selecting Dongle SN it will populate the the field name and relevant numbers from the dongle tables.

Ive manage to do some but i am stuck on , in the product code table you have the rip options which is the dongle table (choose record 1 )

so in the delivery note selecting the product code display what need for that product , that works for that product

but not for any other as the field names and numbers do not marry up

so what iam looking for is to import dongles to dongle table no problem

in product codes list the rip options needed edit and amend

in delivery note after selecting product search for dongle sn number and all the details from that dongle and the options from product code link up

sorry its long winded tthx for any help

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This topic is 4346 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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