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Tell Application Appname


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Hi everyone...

When writing an applescript embedded in a "Perform AppleScript" step, is there any reliable way to address the FileMaker application in a tell block or similar?

The problem is that if you

tell application "FileMaker" or tell application "FileMaker Pro" or tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" and the end user does not have that exact version of FileMaker, the AppleScript system will ask the user to pick the intended application.

The situation is even worse if you're trying to make a runtime application.

I thought I had come up with a working solution as follows:

tell application "System Events"

	set appname to name of (item 1 of (every process whose frontmost is true))

end tell

using terms from application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

	tell application appname

        end tell

end using terms from

However when I ran that on a computer running FileMaker Pro Advanced that also had FileMaker Pro 9 installed on it (and must for reasons I could explain if needed), it continually launched FileMaker Pro 9!

I need a solution that will run on any version of FM + 7 and also on a runtime version.


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This topic is 4339 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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