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What is best way to achieve related list on form entry layout


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Hello compassionate souls,

I have a CustomersTable with fields CustomerName, CreatedBy, CurrentSalesRep

I have also created a "Sales" Privilege set where the user has access only to records where the customer is either CreatedBy the user with no CurrentSalesRep, or else CurrentSalesRep is assigned to the user (I eventually want to make it so that the user can see (view only) customers that they created wether or not CurrentSalesRep is assigned to the user or another user, but that is another issue...)

I am trying to make a form on the CustomersTable where once the user logs in with the Privilege Set "Sales"... on the left hand side of the form I want a view only list of all their related customers and the list would show : CustomerName, CreatedBy, CurrentSalesRep, etc. I want this list to be non-editable. On the right hand side of the form, I want to have fields of the current customer for the user to edit the record, such as CustomerName, Phone, etc... Also, when the user creates a new record, that it would auto update on the list.

I want it so that when the user mouses over a customer name on the list they will be able to click on it and it would go to that customer, ie make the current record the customer record that they click on.

I've tried fiddling with portals, but haven't figured it out yet...


I ended up doing a list layout with Customer Entry form stuck in the header, sofar it's ok, except for the problem of my form taking up so much height space and no matter how much a scroll down it is always there because it's the header.

Any other suggestions?


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1. But how do I make it so that when I click on a record from the portal it will make it the current record on my entry form?

2. I would like to have buttons for each field in the portal so that I can sort the portal by that field. Say, CustomerName, CurrentSalesRep, and when I click on CustomerName it will sort the portal by CustomerName field, and if I click CurrentSalesRep it will resort the portal records by CurrentSalesRep field.

3. how would I make it so that the portal records are non editable, I want to be able to click on the record in the portal, and have it become the current record in my entry form, and all editing of information would be done from the entry form.

thank you

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1. Use the Go to Related Record[] step.

2. You cannot sort a portal dynamically - the sort order is set in the portal's definition. See here for some workarounds:


3. Field entry can be disabled in Inspector > Data > Behavior.

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This topic is 4315 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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