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Runtime protection


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I have created a runtime in FM 11. Anyone can use at will as I do not intend to sell it. However, I do not want someone else to be able to modify it and pretend he created it.

I removed the admin account from the runtime and only left one user account for data entry.

However, If somebody opens the runtime from FM 11 advanced, the tools menu appears. I know it's there to prevent me from locking myself out of the database by accident.

Here's the part that's causing me trouble: The data viewer is still available. One can see the names of my tables and the list of my fields. I tried many custom menus, but It's still there. It seems only the guest account has it greyed out.

Is there a way around this? Why would a non-admin user need to have access to the data viewer ?!

Also, is removing the admin account enough to keep someone from completely hacking the runtime?

All suggestions are welcome as long as they are not too complicated. I only have a few months of experience with FM.

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Removing the admin (ie, full access) account will prevent anybody from going into the field, script definitions and layouts and being able to copy and paste them into other solutions or change them.

If you are really concerned with somebody reverse engineering the solution by looking at the field names then you could always rename them to something non-descriptive. (I'd only do this on a copy.)

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This topic is 4318 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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