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Multiple files instead of multiple tables


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I have quite an extensive fmp database file that is about 250mb in size, but contains about 40 different tables of data.

Most of which have relationship between tables, some complex others simple.

I have a dedicated PC (Win XP) that stores the file/s on it on our network, and i have the PC as a start up to open the fmp file in the case of a reboot to ensure the file is always accessible remotely to each client PC owner etc.

Each client PC has its own fmp starter file to open remotely the file to gain access.

I have found that recently when opening the file there is a slight lag, and also a slight lag in time when viewing/moving a relationship within the managing database menu.

My thinking is to copy/paste the original file several times, rename each file and delete all tables except specific ones for the chosen file.

So in effect, instead of having 1 large file with 40 tables, i will split it down to about 15 files with between 1 - 7 tables in each.

My questions are:

1). Is this a good idea to split the tables into separate files?

2). If i do this, what is the best way to have the files available for remote access?

Do i set the XP PC to open ALL files to be available via remote to each client?

Or is there a script to check if the file is not opened on the XP PC, open the file on the XP PC, then opens it remotely from the client PC?

3). Am i correctly/efficiently remotely opening the file the way i have it setup?

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Thanks for the reply bcooney! The system is currently hosted with FM Server with multiple users connecting to the DB. My concern is that the system is a mess I inherited from the previous developer and will need to be re-developed at some stage as the core of the system is rotten. I know my way around FM (coming from SQL)but dont know much about the details surrounding multiple files and what the pro's and con's are... Im wary of adding the new module to the existing system (hosted on a server with FM Server) if there might be a better option, but this is where im lost!

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The OP is not using FMS.

Scripting across multiple files is more complex than a single file with multiple tables, imho. I don't see the benefit. If one file is quite a bit larger than the others, there might be a benefit to breaking it out when it comes to backup efficiency.

btw I deleted your other post on this same topic. Please do not double-post.

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This topic is 4221 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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