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Editing Multiple Portal Rows


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I am wondering if it is somehow possible (probably through some special trick) to edit multiple portal rows through CDML in FileMaker 4.1. Specifically I have a list of classes in a separate database which is related to a survey response database. I want the users to be able to go in and fill out part 1 (where they enter their username which is used as the relationship field) and then goto part 2 which has their classes. On that page I want them to be able to respond about a couple of fields for each of their classes.

Is there anyway this could be possible to do with FileMaker 4.1? Thanks for any help you might be able to provide! smile.gif


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I ended up working around this by useing javascript and meta redirects to move through the each portal record sequentally allowing the professors to fill out the survey for one class at a time. Not the ideal situation but it worked.

Thanks though,.


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Hey ! don't worry !. I have the solution!..

that answer is that ( if I understand true )

You have a portal on your layout. in that protal you have multiple rows and you want your users to be able to edit every line on that portal on the web by pushin only one edit button.

instead of using portal first let your users see their records directly on the main database as records ( I think you can do that by specifying search criteria ). and than put on the list your field as an input text box. and put your record line on html code in an edit form.

so you will see an edit button at the end of your list.

fill in your inputs or edit them on the web and push on that edit button.

that edit button will collect all the data in the input fields of all records seen on the web list and put them in to the input field of the first record according to the sort order.

now you have to prepare a script ( script name =seperate) in file maker. that script will refind yor list according to your search criteria on the web list and sort them as the web list ( that is too important)

and go to the first record copy the data written from the web and paste it in to a global dummy text field.

and loop

set the field = middleword(dummy;status-currentrecordnumber;1)

go to the next record ( exit after last)

end loop.

and run that script from the web edit form

<input type="hidden" name="-script" vale="seperate">

I use that process and it works.

Bu dont forget those :

1. editable field in every rocord must contain an initial data an never let user leave it blank

2.don't let your users sort the list ( sort it yourself never let them change the order)

3.don't forget to sort the records in file maker in the same order as in the web list.

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Dear Abkaplan

please read first everything here on forum. As was discussed many times, scripts ARE NOT FOR WEB. Period.

Although your intentions are nice, you like to help people, you advice is from FM world and not from Web world.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I am very sorry I think I missed some points. But as you may understand from the number of the messages I have already sent I am a new member of your environment. I will be more carefully...

you say that "scripts are not for web". What does it mean? Does it mean that "writing about scripts" is not the matter of web forum or "scripts are not to be used on the web".


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Since you inform me that scripts must not be used from the web, you should better tell me another way, for my teachers to input their marks on the web while they have 250 students on the same list !...

for every record should they go another page and come back?!!.. or clicking on a submit button for every record and waiting to reload the last list?!!!...

you may say " seperate the list into groups", no I can't do that... or if I do that what is it use ? the same teacher, the same number of students!...

There should be a way to overcome that ? editting on the same list with one touch of edit button was wery nice !.. But now what will happen !... Kill myself !..

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But I think there will be no problem for me and the ones use that sistem:

for every semester , at the beginning, I let my students choose their lessons on the web one by one. every lesson means a record in my database. and every teacher is the owner of some of those thousands records.

I strictly limit the use of the other records by binding the records to the code number of the teacher. So a teacher can handle only their own records.(believing that the teacher does not give his/her password some one else!.) So I think there will be no record crahes. That is ok . But what happens while the script is working if someone else use that for other records ? Really I got confused !.. may be it will be better if I use -new or -edit tags for single records at a time...

By the way what about creating scripts for each users? have you ever thought about that ?

Poor Abkaplan - desperately seeking a good solution to edit multiple records at a time...

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This topic is 7731 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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