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I’m creating a solution where I need to secure the main file, preventing copies to other computers.

First with FM 11, I was using MAC Address and other security steps. But with FM 12, we have available the new function called Get(PersistentID), with purpose of this is to “return a text representing a unique identifier of the computer or device, like 78569d0bd40b898a64e7d08ccdea8220”.

Now my questions:

  1. If I format the computer and reinstall a new or different FM 12 (not the same serial), there will be a different ID?
  2. The Persistent ID how is obtained? Throw hardware (like Mac address) or software (OS serial, FM Serial).

Thanks in advance

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Hi Capsprojectos,


Sorry this was never answered for you... so I will handle it now.


The persistantID is the same as long as a FileMaker Product stays on the Machine.  If someone formats the box, then at that time no FileMaker product will be on the machine, and it will get a NEW  persistantID.


I am not sure how FMI generates the ID.   From my perspective it is a blackbox that FMI created that runs...and kicks out a result.  According to the Knowledge base, as long as their is a product on the device (and presumably computer), then the ID stays unchanged.   Deleting all the copies of FileMaker... then reinstalling FileMaker... causes this number to reset to something new.


- Richard


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