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opening hosted files through portal

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I have a bucket load of hosted databases and am trying to do a new menu layout. I attach a cut-down version of the menu. The previous version had layouts with links hard written onto each layout.

In the new version, I've used a portal so when the user clicks on a practice area, the portal displays only those databases for that section. See attached screenshot.

I realise I could create a script to open each database, and then create a script along the lines of "if name = {databasename} then run {databasename} script" But am trying to do a more sophisticated way by sending the open event based on filename. It won't open any of the files.

I am currently using FM11.03 (server 9). In the example, I have put the filename for Insure-it (Lit_Insurance)

The full file path is GADBNESRV-04DataFM9-DatabasesLITIGATION (gadbnesrv-04 is the name for IP

I attach a screenshot of the open remote file dialog - you can see the network file path is the same (unless I need new glasses)

I have tried:

Including the group folder (i.e Litigation)

Excluding the group folder

using the entire path (

include and exclude the .fp7 extension

Do I have the right concept/send event? Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? The error is a No.3 - Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system, wrong mode, etc.)

database login: admin (no password)



~Database Menu.zip

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