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importing xml/xls from https url

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Hi Everyone,

I'm relatively new to Filemaker (12 Advanced) and wondering if any of you can shed some light on this. I have an external data source (option of either xml or xls) that is retrievable through an https URL. From what I've read, earlier versions of Filemaker do not support import with https, is this still the case with 12? If so, is there any workarounds with this? Thanks!

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I don't know about v.12. A possible workaround is to use a plugin - for example, the (free) BaseElements.

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Does anybody have any experience/thoughts on this? Thanks!

Workaround I'm using:

1. Download the 360Works Scriptmaster plugin

2. Create a global variable and include it in an opening script to register it. Here's how mine looks:

'Set Variable'

Name : $$GetURLasText

Value :

RegisterGroovy( "GetURLasText( url )" ; "URL url = new URL(url);¶

InputStream input = url.openStream();¶

try {¶

    StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer( input.available() );¶

    Reader r = new InputStreamReader( input, "utf-8" );¶

    char[] buff = new char[2048];¶

    int charsRead;¶

    while( (charsRead=r.read( buff )) != -1 ) {¶

        sb.append( buff, 0, charsRead );¶


    return sb.toString();¶

} finally {¶


}" )

You will now have a function GetURLasText( url ) and can be found in the external functions.

3. Create a calculation field with the calculation of GetURLasText( yourhttpsurlhere ) from the external functions

4. Export that fields contents and save as an .xml file

5. Import the file using your style sheet

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TBaker, your best best is any of the plugins or web publishing that can get this for you and then use standard import. There are too many variables that might prevent this from happening with just the Import script step. Sorry.


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