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Letting user know there is more text than what they see in a editable text box

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I have a layout where the users can enter text in a text field that is set up without a scroll bar. I would like them to know when to click on a button or just click inside the field which expands the text box so they can see all the text. Next to the title of the field I would place a conditional merge field that would say "to see more click here" If the text fit inside the window they would not see the message to see more. My issue is I have set up a text field with 10 lines of text (due to layout constraints). Some users will type in a paragraph and then enter one or two paragraph returns and then continue typing. The next user who views the layout could end up seeing the 9 lines of text than a blank return which would make it look like the first 9 lines were all that existed in the field. There would be no prompt to tell the user that there was more information to view. Adding the scroll bar to the field does not help as it does not highlight unless the user clicks inside the field. I have multiple text fields on the screen.

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