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Email Plug-in questions

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I had a about 360Works Email Plugin and FileMaker Server (I am running FMS12 advanced on 10.7 Lion Server).

1. Can I load it as a plug-in for use in FMSE? From what I can gather, FMSE allows my hosted solutions to use plug-ins installed on the server?



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It really depends on how you want to use the Email plugin as to how it should be installed.

Most often, sending email messages will happen on the client side and would be triggered by the user. In that case, the plugin would be installed on the individual client machines. You can also take a look at our autoupdate scripts to assist with installation / updating of the plugin in this case.

If you will be using the plugin in a server scheduled script or with web publishing, you'll need to install the plugin on the server (there are separate directories for each implementation). Scheduled scripts are commonly used for receiving / importing messages into a database.

Our plugins will work with FMS12 but you need to make sure it is the 32 bit version as currently plugins will not work with 64 bit implementation. More information on FileMaker 12 compatibility can be found here.

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