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Global Variable Checkboxes

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by Matt Petrowsky



As any FileMaker solution grows, you'll inevitably end up adding more and more settings. In some situations, these settings are simple toggle checkboxes which control how things function in the user interface. Either from a user or admin perspective, it really doesn't matter.

What does matter is having to manage all of the aspects of each of these settings. Granted, the easiest thing to do is simply add a new field and making it a checkbox - but, what to do when you know you're adding an extra field simply to control how something works within the user interface - while the solution is running. Does this UI field commingle with your schema? Do you separate it out into a user interface file and data file?

Of course, the answer to those questions depend on your solution and the implementation. In this video, I present a topic related to single value checkboxes and toggling those values. I've been using it as a solution to adding yet more scripts to my solutions. It's very easy to copy and paste the whole layout object and very quickly have a new control setting.

Details: Released - 8/7/2012 / Size - 33.16 MB / Length - 13 min

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