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I have a finances file that has a check register, and a budgeting page. Each has it's own table. Each budget period is 2 weeks long, so there is a record for every budget period. There is also a field on the budget page called Remaining Funds that shows how much money is left after all the budgeted items are paid. I have the same field on the check register page via a relation. It had been working perfectly fine, however I've made some major updates to the whole file, and now it's not working. In browse mode, the field on the check register side just say <Index But the relation and it's key fields on both ends are still working.

Here's how it's set up. Each budget record has a start date and end date fields, showing the first and last dates of each budget period. There is also a current date field. As part of the startup script, FMP inserts the current date each time the file is opened. There is a key field, with a calculation, and if the current date falls within the start and end dates, or is equal to either one, the result is a Y, otherwise it's an N. This part is all working perfectly. Meanwhile on the check register side, there is a key field that is a calculation that just equals Y. It's always Y, no matter what. The two key fields are related on the relations part of the define database. And the remaining funds field shows up on the check register page via that relationship.

Both key fields are generating what they should, and none of my changes were to the fields that the key looks at in the calculation. So, what stupid, simple thing am I overlooking?

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