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Scribe: Reading from a written Excel file

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I'm having problems reading data back from a file I have just written to with Scribe.

I load a file from a container.

Write to the fields with Scribe.

Save it to another container.

I then (have another button that ) queries this new file for some totals.

It returns empty values.

Though If I save the file to the desktop, open it and when I close it, it asks me to save it (though I make no changes), so I do.

I then put it back in the container and I am able to get the totals with Scribe.

Is it because it isn't closing/saving the file correctly?

Any suggestions why this is?

Thanks in advance.

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I know we are in correspondence via email Andrew but for the benefit of others I'll summarize the issue here.

The problem here is with writing fields to an Excel file and then attempting to get calculated cells dependent on these newly written cells prior to opening the file in Excel. When Scribe writes values to the cells it does not currently cause any calculations in other related cells to fire. Excel causes this to fire automatically upon opening/saving the document (depending on settings). It would be a fairly complicated feature to build this into Scribe and there are no plans currently to do so.

The best workaround to this currently is to write an AppleScript (Mac) to automate the open/save/close of the file.

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