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A dropdown list attached to a value list that performs multiple scripts: Problem

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Hi, right now I have five buttons each of them performs a different sort script, I would like to get rid of the multiple button and make a single dropdown list (attached to a value list) so that the user select the first option the script performs another script (formerly the 1st button), if the user select the second option the script performs the second script and so on. Now, once I created the value list and attached it to the new field I am rather clueless on HOW to instruct FMP to perform a different script depending on the values of the value list.

Can someone with a knack for scripting help me out on it?

Thanks in advance.

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If[YourSelectionField = "Choice1"]

	 Perform Script["Script1"]

End if

If[YourSelectionField = "Choice2"]

	 Perform Script["Script2"]

End if

If[YourSelectionField = "Choice3"]

	 Perform Script["Script3"]

End if

# etc

This script would be called by an OnObjectModify script trigger in YourSelectionField.

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