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Kent Searight

Gradient Default Color Stops

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Is there any way to choose the color of a color stop in the gradient part of Inspector prior to creating it? In other words, when I click on the gradient to create a color stop it gets created with what appears to be randomly chosen colors. I'd like to be able to control what the color stop's color is upon creation if I can.

Thanks in advance,


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No takers on this one? Ok, how about if I ask a different question?

When one creates a color stop on a gradient, how does FMP determine what the color of that color stop will be?

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Hi Kent!! :laugh2:

It seems it defaults to the theme. If no theme, it defaults to the first theme when created - cool gray? It does not appear to work like setting the font where setting it while nothing is selected (because you can't select the gradient unless something is selected).

UPDATE: I just realized that Format Painter can be used to bring the gradient settings to another object. Otherwise it would be very difficult to replicate!

Not sure how I missed your first post, sorry about that - I would have answered.

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