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Payers from several tables.

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I really don’t know how to handle this.

Lets say tables:

Account, Providers, Customers.

What I want to accomplish is to use conditional value lists to set a payer into an account line, from two different types (providers and customers).

Choosing PRV as payer type only should show the list of providers, choosing CUS only customers one.

Type of payer field: value list [-PRV - CUS]

Payer field: conditional value list [prv1, prv2, prv3... if PRV is selected as type; cus1, cus2, cus3, if CUS is selected]

I think this is a two level conditional value list. Comment and others in this forum has taught me how to do it (more or less understood :jester: )

The thing is, where to start, how do I merge both (PRV and CUS) so I can select first a type of payer and then one of them?

Should I do a join table (Payers)? If so, every time I create a new PRV or CUS do I have to set it’s a payer type? PRVs and CUSs are all and always payers.

I try to avoid redundant data.

I’m a bit messed up.


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I think the trouble you're having with this is that it's not really a conditional value list - at least in the sense of how I know how to create them in FileMaker. It would be a conditional value list if your Providers and Customers were in one table, and each record was designated as either PRV or CUS.

I suspect that you may be able to structure your data in another way so that you don't have this issue.

The only way I can think of making this work is to use two fields - each with a different value list. One would have a value list for the Providers table, the other for the Customers table.

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