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Problem Printing Multiple Records

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I'm new to the forum (first post), so I hope I'm posting this question in the right place!

I have a very simple database (just three fields), and all I want to do is print multiple records from a find set -- about as simple as it gets!

I have a script set up to run the find (finding records from a certain date) -- this works fine, and presents the information I expect to see in a List view.

I go to File > Print, and make sure the "Records being browsed" option is selected. No problems.

But when it prints, it only prints a single record (the record that is physically selected) not the whole find set.

I assure you, this has only started happening in the last week, and has always worked beforehand. I'm doing nothing else differently.

The only thing that has changed in the last week is that I updated my Mac OS to Mountain Lion (10.8)... I'm currently running FileMaker Pro 11.0v1, as I get an error when I try to update to 11.0v2.

Is there something very obvious that I'm missing here?

Your help would be much appreciated.

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I updated my Mac OS to Mountain Lion (10.8)

Even FM12 has problems here, so I wouldn't be surprised if FM11 has problems too.

Seems a remarkable coincidence?

Please refer to the FM website for more details.

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IdealData -- many thanks for your reply.

Yes -- I did have a look at the FM website before joining and posting on this forum. I noted the issues with FM12, and -- as I mentioned -- I'm also having problems upgrading to 11.0v2.

I will contact FM Support about this issue, and thanks for your help. I'm glad I've not just missed something very obvious!

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