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Importing XML data, my XLS stylesheet isn't working. Source/files inside

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I've been reading through the similar threads here, and trying to parse out the correct way to handle this data import, but I keep getting errors when trying to import the data, and I've tried most of the variations I could think of with no luck.

Here's a sample of the actual XML data. (publicly available via Vote Smart for elected officials, nothing private)

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.














<birthPlace>Glendale, CA</birthPlace>




<![CDATA[ Wife: Cindy; 2 Children: Alen, Collin ]]>






BA, Organizational Behavior, University of San Francisco

Attended, Natural Resources, California State University, Humboldt





Director, Arcata Community Recycling Center, 1971-1972





Assembly Member, California State Assembly, District 1, 2008-present

Senator, California State Senate, 1998-2006

Supervisor, Humboldt County, 1980-1990

Member, Arcata City Council, 1974-1980



<religion>United Methodist</religion>



Member, Pacific Fisheries Legislative Task Force, present

Member, Western Legislative Forestry Task Force, present

Member, Local Agency Formation Commission, 1982-1990

Member, California Senate Solid Waste Task Force, 1988-1989

Member, Solar Cal, Local Government Commission, 1981-1982

Member, Board of Directors, Humboldt Bay Housing Corporation

Member, Board of Directors, Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission





Vice Chair, Western States Recycling Coalition, 1995-1997

Member, California Integrated Waste Management Board, 1990-1998, 2007-2008

Founding Member, California Integrated Waste Management Board, 1990-1998

Member, Board of Directors, County Supervisors Association of California, 1988-1990

Member, Humboldt County Child Welfare Advisory Board, 1986-1990

Member, Board of Directors, Redwood Natural History Association, 1986-1990

Member, Humboldt Health Planning Council, 1985-1990

Member, Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, Humboldt County, 1983-1990

Member, Humboldt Transit Authority Board, 1982-1990

Member, Redwood Empire Division, League of California Cities, 1978

Member, North Coast Environmental Center, 1971-1974

Member, Multiple Sclerosis Society

Member, Board of Directors, Open Door Health Systems

Member, United Methodist Church




<![CDATA[ ]]>




<name>State Assembly</name>


<title>Assembly Member</title>


<name>State Assembly</name>

<type>State Legislative</type>
















<committeeName>Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials</committeeName>




<committeeName>Fisheries and Aquaculture</committeeName>




<committeeName>Governmental Organization</committeeName>




<committeeName>Natural Resources</committeeName>








<office>State Assembly</office>

<officeType>State Legislative</officeType>






<ballotName>Wesley Chesbro</ballotName>



Users are designated with a candidateID.

My .xsl file is attached.

I also exported some sample data using FMP's XML export option to start with, and then tried to go from there.

There's also an election table, and an office table in the above data, but if I can get the candidate table to work, I'm sure I can muddle through the rest. My understanding is FMP will only pull one tables data at a time anyway, although if I'm wrong there please feel free to inform me otherwise.

I'm at my wits end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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This ain't no voodoo - you can't just make the stuff up. I have fixed the most obvious mistakes - there's probably some more cleaning up to do, but it's a start.


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Thank you, that worked! I can go from there. Sorry it was so ugly to begin with.

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