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Setting up meetings ....

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I am a total newbie regarding FMP i am mainly a 4D user so i while i get some of the concepts of SGBDR FMP12 is brand new land to me in terms of design and programming.

Ok we are in the phase of setting up meetings in between different clients

Each clients has his / her own id coordinates etc on the same table , we have created a related table named meetings what we would like to do now is that the event reflects trough a portal on both clients and that the portal shows on each separate client record the meetings occurence. How is it possible with FMP12?

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Same as with any relational database, you should use a join table to resolve a many-to-many relationship between Clients and Meetings. See an example here:


Another option is to use a checkbox field in the Meetings table to select the participating clients. However, there are many limitations to this method; for example, there is no room to record RSVPs.




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Well the join table method works but i need as well to create the other record on the second participant such as the creation of an invitation to the second target .

So far the data is pulled off fine from the clients table to setup the meeting from the client table i can insert into the portal the first client ID and the second Client ID the portal shows up the proper information. On the other hand though the creation of the revert invitation yet remains to be created when we head to the second's client information the meeting setup on the first client does not show up into the second client's record.

in pseudo code it would look like this

on event data entry and validation (On client1) (Meetings)



C:=Date of Meeting

Go to record client 2

Create Records (Meetings)





That would actually achieve the wanted result we are looking for.

Hence we would have both records on Client1 and the revert record on Client2.

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I am afraid I don't follow. Suppose the join table is named Invitations; you can create invitations on a layout of Meetings, by selecting the clients in the portal. The same invitations will be also shown on the layout of Clients, and vice versa.

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