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Designing for Retina

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by Matt Petrowsky



Ah 'Retina'! It just sounds so high resolution - doesn't it? But wait, what does it really mean? How do you translate the whole notion of Retina display to the designs you create for FileMaker Go?

I'll tell you how in this video. It showcases most all the information you need to know in order to make sure your designs in FileMaker Pro/Advanced will 'scale up' to look just as sharp on the high resolution retina display of the new iPad and iPhone.

Come to find out, there's a lot you can now do natively in FileMaker 12 which will mimic the way vectors scale. You've always been safe with native FileMaker elements, and the remaining part of what you need to know is what you can and can't replicate.

With those elements which aren't in FileMaker, you need to know the tricks to make things look as good as they can. It's actually not that much of a secret - just make sure your graphics are double the size! Or watch this video to get the whole Retina picture.

Details: Released - 8/23/2012 / Size - 66.57 MB / Length - 26 min

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