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layout multiple images with names on a page

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hi there.

i have a DB that has the following fields: customer name, image (container), category, image name. what i am trying to do is make a printable pdf. there is only one customer, one image (no duplicates), one name per image, one category will have multiple images. so the customer name is always at the top. then the category (CATEGORY 1, 2, 3), then the images with names are laid out 3 or 4 perpage. so category 1 may ave 3 images, then category 2 have 5, on so on.

i have tried to make labels and no go. any help would be nice.


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yes actually it is. here is the file i am working on. so it's just one client. the records are sorted by single or double edge, then by catagory.


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