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container field in footer of layout

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i stuck in container field,i want to put container field as signature in footer which should be show on last of page in preview mode .how it can be done,the signature field show only in last page.i have attach a screen page for this

thanks in advance

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It cannot be done (easily). There is no last page footer in FM. You can use a trailing grand summary part, but that appears at the end of content, not in the footer of the last page. You can have a separate layout that is a signature page that prints last or is appended last if you're creating a PDF. There is another technique that I've read about, but never used, that you can search for. I believe Comment posted it. It involves using page counts to conditionally calc (therefore show) an element.

You haven't attached anything, btw.

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i have attach a screen page for this

If you tried to attach a file, it didn't make it. The process is rather easy, if you follow these steps.

Step 1

Find the file on your hard drive, and zip it.

Step 2

Do not use the Quick Reply, BUT instead, choose the More Reply Option

Step 3

Click on Attached Files and this will take you to your hard drive to locate your file that you want to attach and that you previously zipped. Select the file, and then click Attach This File, and then click Add Reply.

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