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Size of PDF's in FMP12

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Hello everyone,

I have a script used for reporting which goes through a series of layouts and saves and appends them to a PDF file. When using FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced, the output 15-20 page PDF file was about 1-2MB. However performing the same script in FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced results in a 40MB PDF! Are higher quality/definition PDF's a feature of FMP12? Is there any way of telling FileMaker to compress these PDF files to a more manageable size?

Its really annoying becuase at the end of the script these files were being sent via email to recipients. We have a cap on email attachment size where I work and its not possible to send 40MB files.

Is there a way around this issue?

P.S. I am running FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced on Windows 7 Pro machine FileMaker Server 12 Advanced is also on Windows 7 Pro Dell PowerEdge T110 II machine.

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