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Gatting a Profit in Report.

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I am new on Filemaker Pro. I was getting a error. Here is the scenario i wanted to generate a Daily report using 2 tables.

Product, Sale and Sale Detail. As table name shows it stores data regarding products and it purchase and Sell prices. Sale table stores data about sale and sale detail about Products inline.

The Report is daily basis it show how much of a single product soled in a day. it unit price and total amount of the sale. I just wanted to add another field of Profit. Which will be calculated as follows

Total Sale amount - Total Qty Sold * Product unit Price.

This is how it is written in calculation field"s_Sum_Total - Product_Sale Line::ProductPurchasePrice * qty_total"

But the result it show are wrong.

For Reference i have uploaded the File. The Report name in the file is "Daily Report Profit"


File user name:Admin

Pass :19508642i

Kindly help me Urgent


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Ok, I figured out how to get profit. But the Final does not get sorted my date after putting it in First Sub summery part and Also In Grand Total summery? Kindly help on this.

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