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Relationships n tables deep

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I am creating a database to set and store summer camp schedules for different weeks. We run 8 weeks of camp, some camps are Sun - Friday, some are Sun - Wed, and some are two weeks long. Each day as slightly different times because of different schedules. Some activities will involve the whole camp, while other activities are broken up by groups (colors).

I can create weeks, and set the different days to different weeks. Where I am stuck is going into the days (of the current week I am working with) and setting the times of the schedule. I have tried portal windows, nested portals (which I quickly figured out didn't work), and many different scripts but they have not worked out. Any help would be appreciated, programmer from college, new to FileMaker. I have attached my currently database relationships (ERD), and a PDF of a sample schedule


2011 Week 2 FULL SCHEDULE.pdf

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If you haven't done so, take a look at the calendar example at www.seedcode.com.

Keep in mind that the FileMaker relationship graph is not an ERD -- you can employ multiple table occurrences of the base table as needed.

That said, with FM12 you may be able to keep your graph fairly simple by using the new ExecuteSQL function to find and display the data you need.

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