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FMGo-Based App to App Store? Anyone Succeed?

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Are the requirements for this the same as for OIS-based apps?

Has anyone succeeded in getting their FMGo-based App into the App store.

Are there any service businesses expert in getting this done?


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It seems that its not as no one is replying.

I guess no one did it yet.

I would also like to do that...

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I read about this somewhere else - I forget where otherwise I'd post a link.

The issue here is that a FMGo based "app" isn't an iOS app - it's a data file that can be opened with FMGo, which IS an iOS app. So I don't think this is possible with current versions of FileMaker/FMGo.

The work-around would be to distribute your FileMaker file by other means; like your website.

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Hi all,

If what you want is an icon on the iPad (or iPhone) to open the FM DB (either locally or remotely), try:

- App Maker (Free) from FileMaker Inc, or

- GoWrap (Free/Pro) at www.gowrap.net.

However, if you really want to make your FM DB to sell in itune, then consider

- fmtouch at http://www.fmtouch.com, or

- some form of help from Richard at www.rcconsulting.com who produced

- FM Notify (free download from itune)

- Sales Beaver Lite (free download from itune, runs on iPad)


There are some other FM developers who had successful put the FM DB in itune for sales. But, I can't remember at this moment.


Omega Goh

Speedy Scaleable Solutions



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