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Value List in a two-column report

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Howdy, all:

I'm trying to print the contents of several value lists into a two-column-defined layout but can only get the list to print on the left-hand/column side; it won't continue/wrap to the second column. (See attached)

I have a single calculation/global merge* field (<<_g__ValueListList__lxt>>) in the layout that contains the following:

TextStyleAdd ( "Duration (JOBS)"; Bold ) & "¶" &

VALUE_LIST::Duration_JOB__gxt & "¶¶" &

TextStyleAdd ( "Referred By (JOBS)"; Bold ) & "¶" &

VALUE_LIST::ReferredBy_JOB__gxt & "¶¶" &

TextStyleAdd ( "Result By (JOBS)"; Bold ) & "¶" &

VALUE_LIST::Result_JOB__gxt & "¶¶" &

TextStyleAdd ( "Referred By (JOBS)"; Bold ) & "¶" &

VALUE_LIST::ReferredBy_JOB__gxt & "¶¶" &

TextStyleAdd ( "Search Words or Phrase By (JOBS)"; Bold) & "¶" &

VALUE_LIST::SearchWordOrPhrase_JOB__gxt & "¶¶"

Each of the VALUE_LIST fields are global text fields that are filled with value list entries using a SetField script step and the ValueListItems command.

Any ideas how to make it wrap? TIA for your help!

*I also tried using the field itself, instead of a merge field, and experienced the same result.



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Hi Rich!

One idea is to use records instead of your calculation. You can use a virtual table where each line is a record (please see attached) and then:

GetValue ( yourCalc ; ID )


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BTW, I should explain ... you need to use records for multiple columns - blocks can't cross columns.


There are many ways of accumulating your list (I used actual value lists but you can use the List() function, ExecuteSQL(), write to global variables, global field etc). But having records on the reporting end (temp table) is quite handy for many other situations as well. I always create a temp table now but I set the calc with global variable to increase its usability.

Also, I was asked if it will work in prior versions and yes it will. I have attached it. I also removed the relationship and set a global variable (I was sloppy in my original rendition for 12). This meant I could eliminate the calculation also and I think you may be able to omit the calc too, Rich. That calc would need to be unstored and its a bit resource-wasteful when the values can be gathered at the time the script runs. I also wanted to include in the script what happens if there aren't enough temp records.

My apology for being sloppy in using Cartesian. This file is better designed and you can drag it to 12 for easy conversion to review it. :)


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