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Hello FMForums! Welcome to "How We Work"

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Hello FMForums! Welcome to...





My name is Chiyoko Yoshida and I'm a FileMaker Certified developer. I've been working with FileMaker since version 2 and I love it! 
I'd like to thank Stephen Dolenski and Steven Blackwell for setting up this forum! "How We Work" stems from a session I recently held at Pause on Error 2013 in Portland, Oregon. I had never held a session before nor have I hosted a forum conversation. So this is all new for me. I've had this topic bubbling in my thoughts for years. I finally bit the bullet and decided to jump in. I'm really inspired to better understand how we work as Developers. I'm fascinated by people's work flow and enjoy learning about how people do things. I hope this conversation can help us to harness the collective knowledge of our community, identify common patterns in the day, share our tools, improve our work environment and of course dig into some tips and tricks. The idea being we all learn from each other, keep fresh on things and share on things that work and the things that don't work. I think we all share the goal of getting through the day, producing high quality work with the greatest experience possible.
As I put together my presentation for POE 2013, I had to think about how I could start to discuss this with others. What are the big pieces of any given day and what are we doing? In order to talk about how we work we need to know who we are, the nature of our environments, our teams/s or lack there of, what kind of work do we do, how do we do the work and with what tools? Pretty huge topic! So, to start I came up with these buckets of things I think we all do daily and some patterns we repeat when doing things. For each bucket and pattern there are tools we use and methods or processes we do to accomplish 'things'. 
The Buckets = the things we do each day
  • Communicate
  • PPP = Focus (PPP = Prepare, Plan, Prioritize)
  • Schedule
  • Build Libraries of Resources
  • Work
  • Learn / Inspiration
  • Challenges
The Patterns = the series of actions we take to do things each day
  • Search
  • Review
  • Action
  • Document
  • Refresh/Tranistion
So, with this in mind or as a framework to work within, I will throw some topics out there. Everyone is welcome to join in.
Thank you for stopping by.

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What a great idea! I am excited! Can I ask a question already?

The Bucket: Communicate

The Pattern: Document

Issue: Tracking the back-and-forth communications with clients when working through requirements and issues of scope creep, Change Orders ... all happening in email, Skype & file sharing across many iOS and networks.

I have just started using Evernote but I haven't integrated it with my FM database yet and I am very interested in how others track these scattered details.

And if I am misunderstanding the purpose of your forum or I shouldn't ask open-ended questions then I am sure Lee can move me. Good for you, Chiyo, and thank you!

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This is a great question and definitely what I hope this forum will start to dig into. I am new to editing the forum so I just posted this same intro to the News area. Forgive me as I bumble through getting familiar. I may delete this topic - not sure if your comment goes with it.


I'd love to put this into it's own topic - so we can focus on evernote. It's been such a game changer for me and I'm still experimenting with how I want to use it. 


I'm going to ponder a bit on a few topics and get a place where we can really focus on evernote.


Thanks for this... will give you some more specific feedback soon!

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First, thanks to Professor Dolenski for fixing whatever anomaly it was that was keeping me from posting here.


Second, Cheedoh, you're very welcome.  But the thanks go to you and Dolenski for doing this.


Third, you're not old enough to have used FileMaker 2.  :grin:

Although I did see a 5 year old kid use FIleMaker Pro 3 to keep track of his donut orders!!




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