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Records Custom Privilege Set for Related Table Access

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I'm having some trouble on creating a Privilege Set..I don't know if it suposed to work differently but maybe someone has a different solution.


Here are the tables:

- I have 2 related tables : Student  and Disciplines  ( Disciplines::ID_Rel Student::ID )

- I have 3 records in Student ( Tom , Jim , Bob ) each having 3 records from Disciplines ( 9 records in total ).


Student     Disciplines

Name          Title

Tom             Math




Jim               German




Bob             Chemistry




What I am trying to do :

- I have professors for each disciplines (many professors to each disciplines).They have to access only students wich have their disciplines (Math, English....).


What doesn't seems to work:

- I've created a privilege set for each disciplines. Each professor has his own account and a privilege set (depending on his discipline). For example the privilege set for ProfessorX is Math.

Privilege set Math has Custom Privilege Set of the Records  :   At table Disciplines in View is Limited with the following CalculationDisciplines::Title=Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName)

ProfessorX (Math PrivilegeSetName) can access Tom but not Jim records. It seems that it is the same for German PrivilegeSetName who can access Jim but not Bob.

I don't know if it is a problem with FIlemaker or it is something that cannot do regarding related tables. The security only takes first record from the related table for calculation.


I found a way to go arround with inserting the some Title fields also into Student table (Title1,TItle2,... depending on the number of Disciplines) and set Custom Privilege Set of Table Student :

Title1= Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName) or Title2= Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName) or Title3= Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName).....


Is there another way to do this Custom Privilege Sets without creating fields in table Student?

Anyone have a clue about this?




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You might want to try storing the list of disciplines in a field in the student record:
DisiplineList =
List( Disciplines::Title )
Then your security calc would be:
not IsEmpty( FilterValues( Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName); DisiplineList ) )
This might get slow if you get into hundreds of thousands of records, but should be fast enough for what I imagine is a typical year's enrollment. But for best performance, I do recommend storing the list rather than calculating it on the fly.

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