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Pushing updates with MirrorSync


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Quick question,


If I change out the database file that is hosted on Filemaker server, what happens to existing users with the old offline version on their iPads. Will they be required to download the new file before they can sync again, or will they continue to be able to sync until they update to the new version?


The reason I ask is I work with my database offline, make updates, and then import the live data into my file that I have been working on. I then upload that to Filemaker Server and replace the existing file. My worry is that as soon as I upload a new "version" or file to FM Server, all my Go users with MirrorSync will lose any unsynced data on their iPads because they wont be able to sync any more.


If that is the case, is there a better process for pushing updates to Filemaker server while using MirrorSync?



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The process you're talking about will work fine. A few tips:

Be sure to uncheck the box to auto update values. You don't want the modification time stamps to change when you import records.

Be sure to import the MirrorSync table.

As long as you do that, I think you should be fine to replace the file on the server with the new version.

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This topic is 2630 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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