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Back to regular printer from label printer


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I have a button on my screen that, when pushed, will print a label for the current person on my dymo label printer. In that script, I go to the layout for the dymo, print it, go back to my regular layout, reset the printer to my regular dell printer. Problem is, for some reason it never resets to my regular dell printer. Then when I do a regular print, forgetting to change the printer in the print box, I waste a lot of labels! Why can't I switch back? My script goes something like this:


Go to Layout - dymo layout

print setup to landscape, the label number

print currrent record to dymo

go to original layout

print setup - I tried back to my Dell


When I do the next print the printer chosen is still the Dymo nobody what I do. I have to keep changing it back.


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FileMaker does not do this very well, at least in my past experience. Printer switching is generally an issue that is handled by a plugin. There are a few different companies that make plugins that handle this:








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How do you do 'regular printing'? For 'regular printing have you tried to do this from a script with both 'Print Setup' and 'Print' script steps?

I guess it would probably work from a script. I was doing printing from the print command and not looking at the printer name because it normally goes to my Dell. Next thing I know labels are printing! I'm going to try the third party plugin. Hope I can figure them out. Never did that. Thanks for the help.

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This topic is 2603 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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