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Renaming file can break references


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This post is to let others know about Developer Utilities (DU) since, in all my years in reading several forums, this potential problem has only been mentioned a few times and I keep running into folks (including developers) who are unaware of the importance of using DU to preserve file references when you must rename files.  


This is another strong reason that all developers should use FMPA (Pro Advanced).  The following can break if you manually rename a FileMaker file:

1. Relationships

2. Functions:
   Design functions ...

3. Script steps:
   Set Field By Name
   Open File
   Close File
   Import Records

4. Value lists using a value list in another file

Using Developer Utilities will properly modify file names in your paths in External Data Sources ( relationships).


It is my understanding that all files in a solution should be properly closed and added within the DU dialog so that, as you change ANY file's name, all references in all other files will change accordingly.  If there is an external file which isn't included in that batch then its reference to the file being renamed will NOT change.


I've always handled it by placing all solution files into a folder (even if I don't think there is the *need) then adding them all (by using shift-select) into the DU dialog and then changing names as needed  Note that, after changing the file names, the Create stays disabled until you specify a Projects folder.


* Since there are many places which could be effected, it would be easy to miss a file reference.  By including all files, you are safe.

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This topic is 2584 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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