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Multi-column list?


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I have a table containing the names of about 12 mailing lists (number of lists may change later).  I need to allow the user to select which mailing lists are to be used for sending a message,  And I'd like to design the layout in such a way that it will automatically adapt when the number of lists change.


It would be easy enough to show the list names in a portal, with a checkbox for each list name.  But I'd really like to have the list in three columns so it takes up less vertical space on the window.  Is there a way to flow my list of names into three columns along with their checkboxes?


My  goal is a final format that looks something like this (whether the list wraps first horizontally or vertically is unimportant):

Please choose mailing lists to use:
  [  ]  List 1                            [ ] List 2                       [  ]  List 3
  [  ]  List 4                            [ ] List 5                       [  ]  List 6
  [  ]  List 7                            [ ] List 8                       [  ]  List 9
  . . . . .

Subject of Email: ....

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Pardon my being blunt, but there is a certain minimum of knowledge you are required to have before you can ask a question here. Otherwise you won't be able even to understand the answers given. If you had done the tutorial that comes with the application, you would have known about them from reading Lesson 7: Simplifying data entry.

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This topic is 2572 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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