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Dynamic BOM list


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I have a Bill of material (BOM) structure with 2 files:

File A which contains all items (Finished products, Semi finished products and purchased items), and the fields are item-number, item-name and various descriptions

File B is related to file A by Father number = Item-number and contains item-number, item-name as the A file.  


File B i populated via a portal where the user selects from File A items and specify quantities. A Finished or semi-finished production can therefore be comprised of a tree structure of items:


O  ------  S --------- S -------- i

              l                l

              l                l  -------- S

              l                              l ------- i

              l                              l ------- i

              l------------ i


The component structure can be up to 10 or 12 levels deep depending on the complexity of the item.

Any given Semi finished or purchased item can be part of a number of build items


For any Finished/Semi finished products (0) i would like to be able to print a BOM list with all the sub items sorted as the above structure implies.

But i have trouble with identifying the items in file B which are related to the (o) item as child, grandchild, greath-grand child etc.


I have tried scripted loops and levels of relationships but have not found a god way to solve the problem.  

Ideas/solutions will be highly appreciated.

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This topic is 2531 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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